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Bridge to Hospice

More and more patients and caregivers are recognizing the benefits of hospice care for those facing the end of life. Hospice is becoming recognized for what it is: a philosophy of care centered on the quality of life. Bridge-to-Hospice is a relatively new concept that Personal Touch Home Care of Virginia offers. Bridge-to-Hospice patients receive services from the hospice care team. The goal of Bridge-to-Hospice is to begin the transition from curative to palliative care. It is offered to patients and caregivers who have not yet accepted the hospice prognosis and wish to continue some elements of curative care. It is also occasionally employed by doctors who do not yet feel the patient meets the six-month prognosis required for hospice admission, but believe such a prognosis is imminent.
Personal Touch is proud to offer both Bridge-to-Hospice and Hospice care in the Greater Tidewater area.

Please feel free to call our Central Intake department at 757-595-8005​

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