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Stay H.O.M.E.

Why Stay Home?

Personal Touch Home Care provides a dedicated team to provide support to you and your family to help manage your medical conditions improve your overall quality of life and help you STAY H.O.M.E.

What H.O.M.E. stands for - Healthy, Optimistic,  Motivated and Educated.  

Part of the team is the Patient Advocate Officer who will:

Identify patients at high risk for re-hospitalization

Communicate between hospital, physicians and health care providers

Arrange for DME, community resources and services 

 Monitor and coordinate a multi-disciplinary team to provide support to you and empower you to effectively manage care at home.


It is our goal to help you stay Healthy, Optimistic, Motivated, and Educated!

Must have a qualifying diagnosis.


Your Patient Care Advocate Officers:

Jennifer Reisinger

Romaine Andrews

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