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Telemonitoring Program

What is Telemonitoring?

It is a mobile app that allows information to be shared with clinicians and family members. Upon approval, our clinicians provide an 8” tablet and teach you how to use the different features. Family members and clinicians can video conference or call through the web portal or the mobile app right to the patient’s tablet.


Patients who spend more time on self-care reduce their chances of re-hospitalization. Our Telemonitoring Program increases patient satisfaction, improves home health utilization, provides better outcomes, and saves providers and payers millions of dollars.


What does it do?


Our Telemonitoring Devices are easy to use and contain helpful features such as:

  • Disease-specific patient educational videos

  • Audio and visual reminders

  • Daily performance tracking

  • Weight, blood pressure & Pulse ox monitoring

  • Portable for doctor and hospital visits

  • Appointment reminders


Who is eligible?

  • Patients must qualify for in-home care

  • They must have the capacity to learn and use a tablet

  • They must have a safe home environment

  • Must have a qualifying diagnosis

For more information on our Telemonitoring Program please call


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